Saturday, June 21, 2008

Battle Creed Week 1

I can't go a day without dancing.

Did I say day?

I meant hour.....
with saying that, for a couple of hours some of the best dancers and crews in Houston hooked up at Club Deco in midtown for the 1st of a 4 week competition, a dance battle with a cash
prize... a sort of America's Best Dance Crew subject to Houstonians... lol

And with saying that... ABDC was represented well, with a crew from season 2, HIStory, and many Houston auditionees (check the DanceMTV website) Planet Funk, Wild Style, and Marvelous Motion were some in attendance. For a special guest... Kaba Modern, 3rd place on ABDC and to me one of the sickest dance crews I've ever seen, made an appearance and performed as well. They performed their routine they would've performed if they would've made it to the do or die round after the evolution of hip hop episode.(of course i dont know that for sure, but this one was more like THAT performance, plus a mix of all of their
performances, including the Gunshot's audition one. completely SICK.. what can i say, I read a lot lol)

marvelous motion hittin the stage

Well the night was complete with some sick choreography and even sicker freestyling... To me that was really the highlight... Pacman and Moon from MM, the guys from HIStory, Mike, TOny, and Law from Kaba all tricked out the battle circle with their signature moves... i hope to see some of those vids on uTube soon... they were all sick... Here a few pics (below) from the night... to see the whole gallery CLICK HERE....

Sorry if the pics seem to lean towards planetfunk, and marvelous motion... those are the guys i know and love best lol... next time ill give my cam to someone else.. so i can shine....

Tony Tran showin off...

Marvelous Motion

Jason... choreographer supreme at Planet Funk


Kaba on stage

Pacman.... doin what he does best...

Planet Funk

Mike Song... seal of approval lol

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Let's not waste time... Rieco and Shante engagement session.

Well well well...

I'm not for soft kind words, but who deny... they're a cute couple. Meet Rieco and Shante. Oddly enough, Shante and I went to high school together and Rieco and I went to the same college, but how did I end up with the task of shooting them together and on top of that, for their wedding? (11/07/08 :-))

Fate only knows.

Good couple though. I spoke with Shante to get the specifics on what exactly she was looking for, and we went to work. After a few emails and a confirmation, I met the couple at Hotel ZaZa, in the historic museum district in Houston. It was a unreal hot day... but over all we got some good stuff in. We didn't in the hotel, due to incorrect planning, but we made good use out the wonderful Herman park area near by. A few shots and and some half hour later, we made it back for a sit in at the Monarch Restaurant.



Sunday, June 15, 2008

Gutierrez Wedding *preview*

My friend Jessica raved about my photo services, So in that... I got to shoot her older sister, Nicole's wedding yesterday. Might I say it was great! Here are a few images.... couldn't wait to not post 'em

Prairie View's finest!!


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kelly and Kevin Wedding Day

May 31st came and I assisted my friend and fellow photographer, Collins, on a wedding in the Woodlands, north of Houston.

It took place the Woodlands Resort and Conference Center, and it was pretty much an awesome venue.
DUUH!! its the woodlands....

While i wasn't the head photographer for the couple, check out the full slide show comprised
of Collins and my work. I hear the bride and groom we're very very pleased.

Check these out...