Monday, December 22, 2008

..::7lbs of Reality::..

if SEVEN POUNDS [starring will smith] isn't the most outrageous film ive ever seen. i dunno what is.

out·ra·geous Listen to the pronunciation of outrageous
14th century
1 a: exceeding the limits of what is usual b: not conventional or matter-of-fact : fantastic

I cant believe such the art... humility ... passion... utter creepiness of life could be erked out of one film. [a 2hr classic to be exact]... I honestly feel like spoiling it for you people who have put it off til the holiday weekend to see it.

I feel like Paul in the New Testament with his urge to preach the gospel...
the importance of it.. the time is now... and just like Smith's character says in the opening of the film... "In seven days God created the world, in seven seconds, I shattered mine." Go see the flick.

Im at a cross road...
please go see the film..
before i tell it all...
ill give u a week.

Seven Pounds Website


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MysTery said...

Man, I am going to have to check that movie out...Happy New Year!